Paid Search (PPC)

Fast Setup. Quick Results.

Getting your website to rank highly on Google can take time but a well put together paid search advert can draw in the customers you want immediately.

Our Paid Search Services

Advertise on Google or Facebook to grab the attention of the customers you want. We get superb results for local Sussex businesses so they get the best possible return on their investment in the shortest space of time.

Search Engine Optimisation

Why Use Paid Search?

The joy of paid search on Google Ads is you only pay if someone clicks on your advert. It’s also very useful for targeting the kind of people who are most likely to buy your product or services through specific search terms. Done right, Google Ads can provide a superb return on investment by not wasting money by driving people to your site who are unlikely to make a purchase or enquiry.

Why Do You Need Us?

It is totally possible for you to run a Google Ads campaign for your business yourself. So why would you pay us to do it for you? Because we’re really good at it and have a huge amount of experience in running Google Ads campaigns to attract the customers you want without breaking the bank. The brains behind this operation, David Saxton, is a certified Google Partner which means he has passed all of their certifications in running Google Ads campaigns and is good enough at it that they are happy to put their name to his work. In fact, the national average Click Through Rate (the number of people who click on your advert) is between 2-4% whereas David’s campaigns generally run at between 8-12%.

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What's Actually Involved?

When you run a Google Ads pay per click advertising campaign, you need to think about who and where you’re going to target, how to word your advert and what keywords/search terms you should use. Getting any of these wrong can result in your advert either being ineffective or, even worse, attracting the wrong kind of clicks so you pay for the ad but don’t get anything from it. Work with us and David will spend a considerable amount of time getting to know your business and your target market. That way, he can create the perfect campaigns to attract the right customers, monitor it to make sure it’s effective and make any necessary tweaks to ensure it keeps on pulling in the customers you want.

Facebook Ads

Putting an advert on Facebook is different to one on Google because it doesn’t depend on people searching for your product or services. They’re shown to people who are simply scrolling through their Facebook timeline so it’s a more passive form of advertising. It does have some advantages though as it’s the most targeted form of advertising there is because you can choose who you want to see the advert based on a number of different factors. By working closely with you, we can help you decide exactly who to target with these adverts to get the best results. Facebook is also very easy to use to display adverts to people who have already visited your website but didn’t buy anything and is clever enough to learn from the people who do use your goods and services so it can target similar people for future adverts. ​

Google Ads Management in Sussex