Topical Authority Maps

What to write about. What questions to answer.

When you cover a topic more thoroughly, completely and conclusively that your competitors, Google can decide you're the Topical Authority on a topic and give your website preferential treatment. Topical Authority doesn't run in real-time, it's not part of Google's real-time algorithm, it is checked and updated during Core Algorithm updates. So it's a race against time to have the best, most comprehensive content out there before the next update! Once you're up there, pretty much everything you publish ranks well, and so long as no-one else writes more and better than you, you'll still be there after the next update.

Our Topical Authority Services

Traditional SEO is one way of ranking highly, but if you don't have the budget for on-going backlink building, you'll struggle to rank well in a competitive arena. This is where becoming a Topical Authority can make the difference.

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Why Be a Topical Authority?

If your website covers every topic your clientele could want to know about, and explains it all in a clear, informative and comprehensive way, Google can consider you to be a Topical Authority in your area. When that happens, pretty much everything you write about ranks well, even if you don't have the Domain Strength to back it up.

That means you can appear in the top of the search results alongside the big, national brand names, without spending the equivalent budget needed to rank the traditional way!

Why Do You Need Us?

It's not enough to just try and think of all the topics you want to cover, you need a strategy. You need to know what Google actually expects, and that's where we come in. We create a full list of everything you need to cover in your blogs, and explain what questions within those blogs you need to be asking and answering. We've Topical Authority Maps for flooring companies, health spas, toy shops, aesthetics & cosmetics clinics, camping equipment retailers, tai chi schools, technology companies and more.

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What's Actually Involved?

We research your niche and find out exactly what topics Google thinks people want to know about. We then look into what everyone else who writes about those topics is saying, especially those that rank well, and we create a map of all the topics that need to be covered, what things they need to talk about, and what kind of answers Google currently thinks are best.
We use a variety of sources for this, so everything is cross-checked, double-checked, and validated before going on the Topical Authority Map. Once we have this vast list, it's then gone through with a fine-toothed comb to make sure everything on there is necessary and will add value to your website's Topical Authority, and then you'll receive the map and know exactly what to write about.

What Else?

Once you have your Topical Authority Map, it's down to you to write the content. You'll all the information you need to know what to write about, and what to cover in the blogs. A typical Topical Authority Map has enough in it to write a blog every week for a year. If you need a content writer that creates that amazing 'nodding head' moment, when people start to nod their heads as they read because the content's so damned good and really speaks to then, I highly recommend contacting Coastal Copy, I use them all the time.

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